detailed physical examination

de·tail·ed phy·si·cal ex·am·i·na·tion

(dē'tāld fiz'i-kăl eg-zam'i-nā'shŭn)
A head-to-toe patient assessment that follows the focused history and physical examination and is more thorough than the rapid trauma assessment or rapid medical assessment.
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Unfortunately many of our clinicians spend a few minutes- do not take proper history - do not do detailed physical examination and rush to costly unaffordable investigations and then to costly unaffordable treatments increasing financial burden of patients and add to their miseries.
After careful and detailed physical examination, the lesion was excised, and abdominal wall defect was repaired with satisfactory result.
The physician reviews the records, conducts a detailed physical examination and produces a thorough report.
We would like to emphasize that performing a careful and detailed physical examination is an essential aspect of clinical assessment for the diagnosis of MLF infarction because of its difficult identification by DW-MRI.
In conclusion, defining the symptoms correctly, careful history taking and detailed physical examination should be the first step while investigating FUO.
It should not be forgotten that if the detailed physical examination and history are not taken in patients with isolated sudden foot drop, the diagnosis of the patient will easily be mistakenly made as a peripheral lesion and the life quality of the patient may deteriorate due to the progression of the infarct.
Detailed physical examination and echocardiographic evaluation, particularly the thoracic aorta is must while evaluating a child with dilated left ventricle with severe systolic dysfunction because missing coarctation in such cases might have deadly consequences.
In some cases, these hernias can be associated with other abdominal wall hernias, therefore a detailed physical examination of the patients is necessary to avoid mistakes in diagnosis.
Therefore, detailed anamnesis, detailed physical examination, imaging methods, and serological tests in areas where the disease is endemic will help us to diagnose cyst hydatid.
The detailed physical examination of animal revealed halitosis, plaques around teeth and oligodontia.
However, radiological, neurological and ophtalmologic examinations should be performed in all patients in addition to detailed physical examination, because ACH may accompany many anomalies as stated in the literature.
After a through history and detailed physical examination one may go for colonoscopy which is the procedure of choice for finding polyps or any other mucosal lesions leading to LGIB.

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