detailed physical examination

de·tail·ed phy·si·cal ex·am·i·na·tion

(dē'tāld fiz'i-kăl eg-zam'i-nā'shŭn)
A head-to-toe patient assessment that follows the focused history and physical examination and is more thorough than the rapid trauma assessment or rapid medical assessment.
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It should not be forgotten that if the detailed physical examination and history are not taken in patients with isolated sudden foot drop, the diagnosis of the patient will easily be mistakenly made as a peripheral lesion and the life quality of the patient may deteriorate due to the progression of the infarct.
In some cases, these hernias can be associated with other abdominal wall hernias, therefore a detailed physical examination of the patients is necessary to avoid mistakes in diagnosis.
The detailed physical examination of animal revealed halitosis, plaques around teeth and oligodontia.
However, radiological, neurological and ophtalmologic examinations should be performed in all patients in addition to detailed physical examination, because ACH may accompany many anomalies as stated in the literature.
After a through history and detailed physical examination one may go for colonoscopy which is the procedure of choice for finding polyps or any other mucosal lesions leading to LGIB.
Clinical history was taken and detailed physical examination was done.
They participated in the CDC's National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, considered the gold standard for evaluating health because it includes a detailed physical examination, taking participants' blood pressure and getting fasting blood sugar levels.
If the lump is growing in size, is painless and is associated with discharge from the nipples, a detailed physical examination is warranted.
This list is by no means exhaustive and distinguishing between one cause and another requires a detailed physical examination by a licensed veterinarian so that an appropriate treatment course can be initiated.
A detailed physical examination may identify subtle findings indicative of unappreciated medical conditions that can affect growth.
A detailed physical examination is necessary to diagnose concomitant allergic conditions and to rule out other causes of shortness of breath.

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