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1. To separate or unfasten; disconnect.
2. To remove from association or union with something.
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It seems however that she was capable of detaching her eyes from her task now and then, if only for a moment, because it was from that garret fitted out for a study that one afternoon she observed her brother and Flora de Barral coming down the road side by side.
A Buffer, suddenly astounding the other three, by detaching himself, and asserting individuality, inquires: 'How discovered, and why?
Finish detaching the end caps by unfastening the hook-and-pile seams.
State law requires that any new school district detaching from an existing entity must acquire a pro rata share of the debt.
In addition to the Valley - Lomita, Carson, South Central Los Angeles and Gardena are in various stages of detaching from the LAUSD.
Hertzberg said he talked with other lawmakers before agreeing to the compromise, which would require a majority vote in the city as a whole and in the detaching area.
He said that a citywide secession campaign would cost much more than an election in a smaller, detaching area.