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1. Separated; disconnected.
2. Standing apart from others; separate.
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They further commented on the emotional detachedness of Section I when compared with Section II as evidence that they possessed separate authors.
She had sat herself on a large rock and was feeling a little better, soothed by the noise of the sea and the occasional scream of gull, and was remembering that when she got back home, in three days time, there would be plenty of things to do, and probably Harry would phone her to ask how the trip had been, and she would answer the phone with the usual friendly and brisk detachedness that had become the norm since relations between them had ended.
First discussing the art of handling cases, he then covers looking at cases in the past, veiled argument, the absence of solid factual basis, detachedness, the mutability of civil law, the importance of context, multidisciplinary legal research, and legal scholarship.