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1. Separated; disconnected.
2. Standing apart from others; separate.
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Following the electoral hierarchy in the already mentioned county, we noticed that PSD-UNPR-PC Alliance won the election detachedly, obtaining 40.
But one views these works detachedly, feeling that they cannot possibly be valuable artistic statements in and of themselves, that they take on significance only when keyed to another narrative.
It is necessary to choose the criteria that can be detachedly measured, so that they can correspond to the real situation as much as possible.
18) In her own day, Webster was frequently compared to Robert Browning (19) and Angela Leighton has argued that Webster's use of the dramatic monologue manifests her "concern to speak, not passionately and personally from the heart, but detachedly, from the feeling and thoughts of others.
He thinks he sees himself detachedly, as an outsider.
Meaning, Nahson says, isn't always detachedly deferred, so Derrida's deconstructive differance and dissemination aren't entirely applicable: Borges "hace cosas muy concretas y brillantes con las tradiciones religiosas .
Unlike Auden's earlier lyrics that aspire to a fusion of intellectual and physical intimacy, an aspiration that had been inspired in part by Rougemont, his few later love poems make no pretension to an agape that redeems eros and instead remark detachedly on his occasional indulgences in sheer eros.