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1. Separated; disconnected.
2. Standing apart from others; separate.
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Unlike Auden's earlier lyrics that aspire to a fusion of intellectual and physical intimacy, an aspiration that had been inspired in part by Rougemont, his few later love poems make no pretension to an agape that redeems eros and instead remark detachedly on his occasional indulgences in sheer eros.
In contrast, the state may also act detachedly, to protect human life as a good in and of itself, "quite apart from its value to the person whose life it is.
Sasha, however, thinking that this is 'exactly the sort of thing that happens to' her, reacts introspectively; she identifies with, rather than laughs detachedly at, the scene.
The relationship between focaliser and vagrant (or centre and margin) is therefore not exclusively one in which the homeless character goes from day to day, staggering and detachedly living off crumbs and mercy and by grace ([1984]1987: 34).