detached retina

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ret·i·nal de·tach·ment

, detachment of retina [MIM*312530, MIM*180050]
loss of apposition between the sensory retina and the retinal pigment epithelium.
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Reports swirled on the Internet the other day claiming that instead of a minor injury, Pacquiao suffered a detached retina, which is potentially career-ending.
People with Marfan syndrome also have eye problems such as severe nearsightedness, dislocated lens, detached retina, early glaucoma and eye cataracts.
According to the doctors a detached retina in someone with healthy eyes is most often caused a severe blow to the head, e.g.
But he had suffered a detached retina from a previous fight and Lewis punished the eye, opening up a cut.
He said he hit his head and suffered a detached retina. Ouch.
In 1992, the son of Douglas Anderson went blind in one eye because of a detached retina. The traditional, manual method of retina scanning that the child, like millions of other people, had to take was not only painful and extremely uncomfortable, but failed to detect the condition in time.
Johansson secured the last of his nine singles titles at the 2005 St Petersburg Open but he spent ten weeks off the circuit after undergoing surgery to repair a detached retina in early 2006 and, at that stage the Swede's career appeared to be nearing its conclusion.
Hua Gao, a specialist in vitreoretinal diseases and surgery at IU School of Medicine, to respond to your questions about a detached retina. Dr.
As a student, he suffered a detached retina, possibly in an accident playing rugby.
After several surgeries on a detached retina that got worse after every trip to Mississippi, Rather is now legally blind in her right eye.
'I'm still not yet in contact training because the medical people have told me that there is still a risk that I might get a detached retina.
Harrison claims he is keen to meet Bruno but hinted that the veteran may not be in the best physical shape after a detached retina forced his retirement.