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1. To separate or unfasten; disconnect.
2. To remove from association or union with something.
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The Galaxy Book is also a detachable 2-in-1 device, but it runs Windows 10.
Detachable mounts removable without tools often cost more, though the lever-equipped Talleys (preferred by many hunters with fantasies of iron-sight follow-ups) cost about the same as tactical rings.
DataWind's detachable netbooks are lightweight and deliver terrific performance.
Government-driven education initiatives are expected to continue contributing healthily to the growth of the tablet market, particularly in regard to detachable tablets," said Charakla.
In addition, the detachable parts contain fields where the date and administered dosage can be manually entered.
Domestic manufacturers have caught up, and there are now a number of American detachable mounts that are reliably repeatable.
This Apollo Onyx micro catheter enables physicians to choose the best catheter position for each procedure, provides optimal navigability through complex distal anatomy as well as a proprietary detachable tip designed for easier catheter retrieval in challenging environments, added the company.
It added that the HP Split x2 is a two-in-one detachable PC that combines power and portability with the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system and powerful third generation Intel Core processor family.
Foley leather with detachable cross-body strap, Jack French
Other parts of the design are a detachable and washable inner lid, two delay timers.
However, it still requires NFA approval for possession and mounting, because it functions in the same manner as a detachable shoulder stock.
The first closure means which is oriented toward the body is attached in a detachable manner to the second closure means to form a closed hip opening, and comprises a diaper main section comprising a front area, a back area and a crotch area.