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1. To separate or unfasten; disconnect.
2. To remove from association or union with something.
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If you have iron sights, a detachable makes sense, even if the likelihood of actually using it is low.
It, too, was sometimes fitted with a detachable shoulder stock, but it was not considered a big success because by then the Colt Dragoon offered so much more in terms of firepower.
3]He from the buffer cell is then compressed in a second step into a detachable storage cell, e.
Envelope style wallet with detachable passport cover, lined in calf suede.
One developmental application is a two-part vehicle door panel, in which the detachable fasteners reportedly increase door rigidity, slash weight and part count, and make the door considerably more repairable.
Circuit City: Pioneer XM ready CD Player with detachable face, $249.
In addition, the TLP-T61MU model offers a detachable document camera, which can be unclipped from the projector and positioned almost anywhere to display 3-D objects, fine-print text, or photographic samples.
It'll work with any personal computer on the market (so long as it's Windows) and the detachable USB receiver part cunningly fits right into the mouse for easy storage when not in use.
But while the Mazda is an almost perfect, unbridled soft-top joy, the Toyota I drove last week was let down badly by the awkward detachable roof.
The mounts include a Remington 700 two-piece base, Marlin 336 one-piece base, Winchester 70 two-piece base, detachable medium and high rings, vertical split rings and detachable see-thru rings.
Respironics' masks have been designed to reduce "dead space," and they are detachable (standard 22-mm I.
The instrument features a detachable, replaceable probe and incorporates Max/Min, Hold and [degrees]C/[degrees]F functions.