Postulated intermediate in cholesterol biosynthesis from lanosterol via zymosterol; accumulates after prolonged administration of substances interfering with cholesterol biosynthesis.
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Cholesterol, campesterol, ergosterol, [beta]-sitosterol, desmosterol, and brassicasterol were purchased from Steraloids Inc.
Rare mutations (E191K, N294T, K306N, and Y471S) in the DHCR24 gene result in an autosomal recessive disease called desmosterolosis that is characterized by elevated levels of desmosterol in the plasma, liver, and kidneys, developmental malformations, and neuropsychological alterations.
announced today that, according to their joint research, the amount of plasma desmosterol was found to be highly correlated with longitudinal cognitive decline in patients with Alzheimer's disease.
Chalinasterol, fucosterol, and desmosterol were present only at some of the sampling stations and in very low concentrations (Figs.
10) Meanwhile, fucosterol (6), 24-methylenecholesterol (7) and desmosterol (8) were postulated as intermediates of the dealkylative conversion principally by Svoboda's group utilizing tobacco hornworm.
Teshima and Kanazawa [11] have reported the substancial amount of 22-dehydrocholesterol, brassicasterol, desmosterol, campesterol, 24- methylenecholesterol and b-sitosterol in gastropod species Conomurex luhuanus, Charonia sauliae, Cymatiidae sp and Murex asianus from Japan.
The mice have a genetic mutation that causes cholesterol to be replaced by a different substance, desmosterol.
Silver fox spermatozoa membranes have significantly higher levels of docosapentaenoic acid (22:5, n-3), higher levels of membrane desmosterol, a nd higher levels of membrane cholesterol as compared to blue fox spermatozoa.
It was postulated that inhibition of lanosterol biosynthesis from squalene could reduce cholesterol levels without a concomitant rise in the levels of the sterol intermediates, lanosterol, zymosterol and desmosterol.
The analysis of cholesterol precursors like lathosterol and desmosterol plays an important role in the diagnosis of inherited disorders of cholesterol biosynthesis or malformation syndromes such as desmosterolosis, Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome, and others (1-4).