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A cross-linking amino acid formed from lysyl residues found in elastin.
[G. desmos, bond, fr. deō, to bind, + -ine]
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The crosslinking in elastin occurs by two polyfunctional amino acids, that is, desmosine and isodesmosine.
Higher urine desmosine levels are associated with mortality in patients with acute lung injury.
We will investigate effects on cell proliferation (DNA assay), elastic matrix deposition (Fastin assay), fiber formation and crosslinking (desmosine assay), and elastic matrix breakdown processes mediated by matrix metalloproteases (MMPs) (western blot, gel zymography).
The effects of another NE inhibitor, MR889, in a small COPD study resulted in no overall changes in the levels of lung destruction markers, but a subset of treated subjects (having shorter than average disease duration of 13.7 years) showed lower urinary desmosine, a marker of elastin degradation [98].
[11]confirmedthe results and identified two components desmosine and isodesmosine acting as cross-link in ligament protein.
"The primary composition of this matrix is a natural ratio of complex proteins including glycosaminoglycans, collagen, elastin, desmosine, isodesmosine and transforming growth factor." For more information:
A metallo-protease was isolated from skin fibroblasts and was shown to be capable of attacking the constituents of elastic fibers, mainly the microfibrillar glycoproteins and also the desmosine cross linked elastin in vivo.
The enzyme, which needs copper as a co-factor, deaminates four molecules of lysine and cross-links them to form desmosine, which is further cross-linked to form elastin.
DES MOINES Iowa DEMONISES (OSPD, OED demonize 1821q), DESMOSINE (medical), DIMESONES (pl of dimesone, Stedman), MESIODENS (Stedman), MODINESSE (OED moodiness 1175q).
Urinary desmosine excretion in smokers with and without rapid decline of lung function.
Desmosine radioimmunoassay as a means of studying elastogenesis in cell culture.
Nevertheless, similar trends have been observed by other groups who evaluated elastin degradation by determining glycosaminoglycans and desmosines in the urine and plasma of PXE patients and close family members (30, 31).