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a strategy that directs a researcher in planning and implementing a study in a way that is most likely to achieve the intended goal.
case study design an investigation strategy involving extensive exploration of a single unit of study, which may be a person, family, group, community, or institution, or a very small number of subjects who are examined intensively. The number of variables is usually very large.
cohort design longitudinal design.
cross-sectional design a research strategy in which one or more group(s) of subjects are studied at one given point in time.
experimental design a research design that eliminates all factors that influence outcome except for the cause being studied (independent variable). All other factors are controlled by randomization, investigator-controlled manipulation of the independent variable, and control of the study situation by the investigator, including the use of control groups.
longitudinal design a research strategy in which one or more group(s) of subjects in various stages of development are examined simultaneously with the intent of inferring trends over time. The assumption is that the phenomenon under study progresses with time. Called also cohort design.
methodological design a process used to develop the validity and reliability of instruments to measure constructs used as variables in research.
nonequivalent control group design a study design in which the control group is not selected by random means.
partial correlation design a design developed to eliminate the influence of a third variable on a relational pattern by holding it constant mathematically, so that the magnitude of the relationship between the two remaining variables can be determined.
path analysis design a design to determine the accuracy of a theoretical model: a hypothesized causal model is developed from the theoretical model and the major variables within it are measured and relationships among them determined; regression analysis is used to determine whether the data are consistent with the model.
survey design a design in which data are collected with questionnaires or through personal interviews with members of an identified population.
time dimensional design an investigation strategy for the examination of sequence and patterns of change, growth, or trends across time; see also prospective study and retrospective study.
trend design a research strategy to examine changes in the general population in relation to a particular phenomenon by means of data collected at predetermined intervals of time from different samples selected from the general population.
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(1) See Design configuration (clinical trials).
(2) A design for an application to support an action on electronic records (eClinical trials).
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See Double-masked design, Enrichment design, Experimental design, Masked study design, Open design, Rational molecular design, Single-masked design, Structure-based design, Universal design, Zelen design.
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1. To devise, plan, or contrive.
2. the act or result of designing.
[L. designo, to appoint, designate]
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Q. Alcohol designator Order? What is an Alcohol designator Order?

A. Hello friend, Council can apply for an order to restrict public drinking in a particular area or areas. An order sets out the public areas affected e.g. streets, parks and open spaces, where the police could ask people to stop drinking alcohol if their behavior is deemed to be anti social. The police will be able to confiscate and dispose the alcohol and people could face a fine of up to £500 or arrest for refusing to cooperate.

Q. How to design and run a Ambulance Service effectively. Different Models, Costs, Safety features, Planning, Strategy, Promotions, Partnerships, Risks etc...

A. Hmm... this website ( ) contains a lot of information about how to run an ambulance service, from addresses to fee tables.

Hope I could help!

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The contest, tilled "N' ap desine pou'n kore andikape moun yo nan zafe rekonstriksyon peyi-a" (Drawing to Ensure that Person with Disabilities are Considered During the Reconstruction Process in Haiti) highlighted the importance of building an inclusive society and incorporating the concept of universal accessibility as a fundamental aspect of the rebuilding efforts in Haiti after the earthquake.
Kitu atveju [mp.sup.k] > [mp.sup.d] segmentas perkeliamas per 1 m i kaire puse; kai [mp.sup.k] < [mp.sup.d]--i desine puse, kai [mp.sup.k] = [mp.sup.d], segmentas neperkeliamas.
O benignissime fili, desine nunc quaeso durus esse matri, qui cunctis benignus semper esse consueuisti, & suscipe me matrem tecum in cruce ut qui uno corde viuunt, & uno amore se diligunt, etiam una morte pereant.
(19) The Latin reads 'Catharinae de Medicis Epitaphium: Gallorum gallina jacet, tribus incluta gallis, | Gallia tam Gallos desine ferre novos.'
lam desine, Palla, / decretam prohibere necem, sine legibus uti / afflictam patriam....
All suddenly they heard a troublous noyes, That seemd some perilous tumult to desine Confusd with women's cries, and shouts of boyes, Such as the troubled Theaters oftimes annoyes.
The secure and proper Propertian Cornelia will say (4.11.1) desine, Paulle, meum lacrimis urgere sepulcrum.
Hynes has performed a valuable service in deviating from his copy-text to include on the title-page the epigraph from the Aeneid - Desine fata Deum flecti sperare precando (Cease to hope that the fate of the gods can be deflected by prayers) - which Hardy added only in 1927.
Y2 tiese kyla i desine. Vadinasi, Lietuvos tiesiogines investicijas i ES teigiamai veikia didejancios valdzios sektoriaus pajamos.