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A legal process by which a hospital is formally designated to provide a specialized service. Usually requires meeting set standards and an external review (e.g., trauma center).
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He seemed about to dispute this designation of himself when he was seized with a violent fit of coughing.
Pullman--the designation of the more luxurious railway cars of the period and so named from the inventor.
In a word she has no moon (applying this designation to our globe) but on one side of her disc.
I see the lines of designation point to the letter K and the letter M in her name.
Roberts," Saxon replied, thrilling to the newness of the designation on her tongue.
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is warning investors to carefully review the alphabet soup of professional designations, as some can be fake.
During the third quarter of 2017, the Appraisal Institute conferred 119 designations to 117 members, comprising 51 MAI designations, 21 SRA designations, 35 AI-GRS designations and 12 AI-RRS designations.
Those wishing to pursue the specialist designations can visit www.
To date, the agency has not approved any designations, although a spokesman notes the division aims to issue a list of approved designations.
The MCR designation is awarded by CoreNet Global, the world's premier corporate real estate association, and is widely recognized as one of commercial real estate's most prestigious professional designations.
Patient data and genotyping designations were entered in a relational database and merged with selected variables from the national surveillance database.