designated donor

designated donor,

a person, usually a friend or relative with the same blood type, who has agreed to donate one or more units of blood in advance of a planned surgery. The designated donor blood must undergo the same tests as anonymous donor blood.

des·ig·na·ted do·nor

(deźig-nāt-ĕd dōnŏr)
In health care, someone who has agreed to donate bone marrow, blood, or tissue to someone else who requires such therapy or has ordered donation of her organs at death.
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This scheme will require a designated donor group to be guided by a joint assistance strategy that has been elaborated with the host government.
The Massachusetts Legislature in 2001 designated donor marrow testing as a mandated benefit for which insurers are obligated to pay.
Donors will get a designated donor parking spot, free cholesterol check, blood type check, and a thank-you gift.
We had already approached the family for authorization for the donation and he was a designated donor on his driver's license.
He initiated a designated donor program, a very active autologous donor program and designed a transfusion safety program.
This effort gives individuals a convenient opportunity to be part of the [donor shortage] solution and I encourage everyone to give organ donation serious consideration," Blanco, a designated donor, said.
Each patient received both CCS and the control dressing in a matched pairs design, wherein each patient had two designated donor sites.
There are many reasons people decide not to be donors, but for many people the reason they are not designated donors is because they don't know how to sign up or they don't remember to declare their intent to be donors in situations when they could," said Andy King, lead author of the study.
Autologous donations and collections from designated donors are reported as donations from voluntary, non-remunerated donors.
The state donor registry, which is co-managed by OneLegacy and the state's three other organ recovery agencies, has enrolled nearly eight million designated donors, with 30,000 to 35,000 joining each week through the DMV driver's license/ID card application and renewal process.
51 percent increase overall, with each of the state's 10 low-donor counties adding new designated donors to their ranks.
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