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An HMO or hospital’s unilateral termination of its financial relationship with a particular physician
Criteria for deselection Lack of board certification, utilization management, patient satisfaction, providing of preventive health programs, and support of managed care—i.e., ‘high visibility’—or because the provider is too expensive and orders too many tests or procedures
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Click anywhere on the form to deselect the buttons.
The unsuccessful campaign to deselect Mr Davies was led by Geoff Cuthbert, a former organiser of the far-left Militant Tendency, Martin Mansfield, a full-time official with the Blairite trade union Amicus, and Cath Lewis, the agent for Wayne David, who took over from Mr Davies as Caerphilly's MP last year.
HMOs still try to weed out and deselect those physicians they decide are too costly.
For the record, all Labour MPs have to be reselected by the CLP prior to each election so it is simply wrong to say the constituency tried to deselect him.
Tory bosses were accused of ageism after they moved to deselect Cllr Storey, despite his application to stand being unanimously supported by his local Harington ward committee.
When the Grouping window appears (exhibit 9, at left) click on Quarters and deselect anything else that's highlighted.
Confusion sets in; I deselect the needles and continue with NORDO procedures, convinced that I must have lost my radios.
One said last night: "We want to use this rule to encourage local associations to deselect a number of MPs before the next election.
Dyfed Edwards, leader of Plaid-run Gwynedd Council, said that the party would be on "dodgy territory" if it tried to deselect the former Presiding Officer, who has already been chosen as the party's candidate in Dwyfor Meirionnydd.
AnneMoffat wantstheparty's National Executive Committee to step in after the bid to deselect her from the East Lothian seat she has held for nine years.
FORMER minister Hazel Blears was backed by her party rank and file last night after a vote of no confidence to deselect her was defeated.
They want the Labour Party to issue a vote of no confidence to deselect the MP for Perry Barr.