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An HMO or hospital’s unilateral termination of its financial relationship with a particular physician
Criteria for deselection Lack of board certification, utilization management, patient satisfaction, providing of preventive health programs, and support of managed care—i.e., ‘high visibility’—or because the provider is too expensive and orders too many tests or procedures
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Government whips have also reportedly told MPs they face being deselected ahead of the next General Election if they vote with opposition MPs to prevent a no-deal Brexit.
"We all agreed the best decision for the team was for Alex to be deselected. I relayed this to Ashley Giles, because we don't have final say, I can only give the view in the changing room and how guys feel.
There were tears, anger and shouting in the street last night as ANOTHER sitting LiverpoolLabourCouncillor was deselected.
With this new feature, however, you can simply deselect the unwanted cells.
"I had a couple of folk from Jeremy's constituency come to see me and say 'People are a bit upset with Jeremy always being against the Labour government, what if we try to deselect him?'" But she advised them: "You will get no support from the leadership, so don't bother."
In the run-up to next May's council elections, Labour councillors elsewhere have also been deselected. In Cardiff Lord Mayor Monica Walsh has been deselected by her local party, as have Ali Ahmed and Manzoor Ahmed.
"Pat is a good MP and we are worried they will try to deselect her."
Or a library might want to deselect titles from its system without eliminating scholarship unique to or originating from that particular institution.
Conservative activists have decided not to deselect general election candidate Elizabeth Truss following a row over her extra-marital affair.
Party bigwigs in the safe seat of South West Norfolk are upset with their candidate Elizabeth Truss, 34, for failing to mention an 18-month extra-marital affair with Tory MP Mark Field and may now deselect her.
If an application requires many inputs and/or outputs, the software helps users select and deselect channels, set all or some of them to specified values, apply gains selectively and so on.