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 [de-sen´sus] (pl. descen´sus) (L.)
downward displacement or prolapse.
descensus tes´tis normal migration of the testis from its fetal position in the abdominal cavity to its location within the scrotum, usually during the last 3 months of gestation.
descensus u´teri prolapse of uterus.
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(dē-sen'sŭs), The plural of this word is descensus, not descensi.
A falling away from a higher position.
See also: ptosis, procidentia.
Synonym(s): descent (1)
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de·scen·sus tes·tis

(dĕ-sen'sŭs tes'tis) [TA]
Descent of the testis from the abdomeninto the scrotum during the seventh and eighth months of intrauterine life.
See also: ptosis, procidentia
Synonym(s): descensus, descent (1) .
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