descending current

de·scend·ing cur·rent

the direction of current flow in a nerve when the cathode is placed peripheral to the anode, in contrast to ascending current.
Synonym(s): centrifugal current
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Both above and below the cloud base,wind and rain will often converge around the descending current of air, in a sense feeding into it.
The surfaces, rigorously made up of layers, correspond to a state of equilibrium that does not exist in the Sun, since the ascending and descending currents reign there perpetually from the interior to the superficial area; but since these currents only act in the vertical direction, the equilibrium is also not troubled in that sense, that is to say, perpendicularly to the leveled layers that would form if the currents came to cease.
But if the storm is dissipating, there are generally just descending currents and sometimes heavy rain to contend with.
Alternatively, the same features might arise because of descending currents in the mantle.
The descending currents force warmer liquid to rise.

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