descending branch

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de·scend·ing branch

branch of an artery or nerve passing inferiorly. Terminologia Anatomica lists descending branches of the superior and posterior segmental arteries of the right and left lungs, the lateral and medial femoral circumflex arteries, the occipital artery, and the superficial cervical artery.
Synonym(s): ramus descendens [TA]
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The anterior descending branch and right coronary artery lesion was more likely to cause the decline of cardiac systolic function.
He underwent elective PCI due to an anterior myocardial infarction 3 years before admission, with stent implantation in the anterior descending branch and right coronary artery.
They divided into an ascending and descending branches that shared with other pedicles in the formation of a central longitudinal artery (Figs 4, 5B).
Structural analysis of the expression (5) shows that it describes a smooth and monotonic function of the ascending and descending branches of the diagram, and therefore can be used unconditionally for reinforced concrete structures, operating without formation of cracks in the tension zone.
Firstly, for the load-control method, it was proven mathematically that ISA such as Newton method, modified Newton method, and quasi-Newton method cannot snap the load peak, search the descending branch of static equilibrium path, and handle local instability because of the nonpositive stiffness matrix K or the instability of node displacement a [4].
This physically means that the tangential modulus of elasticity has the maximum value at the origin, gradually decreases to zero at the peak stress point, and becomes negative through the descending branch of the curve.
For a typical fluorescence spectrum with sharp ascending and slowly descending branch [11], as shown in Figure 4, since only 6 filter channels cover the sharp ascending branch, it was deformed to a gentle slope and the peak shape was also distorted by the conventional method (line with empty circles).
There may be a long dominant posterior descending branch of the RCA, terminating in the AIVS beyond the apex; a long parallel diagonal branch; or a dual LAD.
(37) After exiting the subsartorial canal, the saphenous nerve branches into its two terminal branches, the infrapatellar branch, which innervates the infrapatellar fat pad as well as the rest of the anteromedial knee, and the descending branch which provides the distal sensory innervation to the skin and fascia on the anteromedial aspect of the leg and foot to the first metatarsal (Figure 5), as well as articular branches to the knee and ankle.
Split RCA was diagnosed as an RCA that featured a split posterior descending branch, with the anterior subdivision of the RCA leading to the distal portion of the posterior descending branch (which serves the posterior septum and the inferior wall of the left ventricle), but also leading to the anterior free wall of the right ventricle.
The behaviour of the ordinary concrete specimens was almost linear-elastic up to the peak load, followed by a slight descending branch up to failure, and then, the complete separation of specimens into two parts occurred.
Our patient underwent ventricular septal myectomy (the Morrow procedure), a biatrial radiofrequency maze procedure, and a 3-vessel coronary arterial bypass procedure using the left internal mammary artery to the left anterior descending coronary artery and saphenous veins to the posterior descending branch of the right coronary artery and the first obtuse marginal branch of the left circumflex coronary artery.