descending branch

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de·scend·ing branch

branch of an artery or nerve passing inferiorly. Terminologia Anatomica lists descending branches of the superior and posterior segmental arteries of the right and left lungs, the lateral and medial femoral circumflex arteries, the occipital artery, and the superficial cervical artery.
Synonym(s): ramus descendens [TA]
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Thirty two stents were inserted in left anterior descending branch, 10 in left circumflex artery and 20 in right coronary artery.
The descending branch pierces the sartorius muscle or the superficial fascia between the gracilis and sartorious muscles to enter the subcutaneous tissue and travel distally in the leg.
The most obvious difference of all these confined stress-strain models is particularly in term of ductility along the descending branch [18].
Just four weeks later, in June 1992, symptoms again returned and an exam showed total occlusion of the right coronary artery, 100 percent blockage in the circumflex branch, and partial blockage in the left anterior descending branch of the left coronary artery.
3) In contrast to the current case, in the 2 cases in the previous report, (3) there was a single artery supplying the anterior wall of the left ventricle, consisting of a left anterior descending branch with an initial intramural course.
The enhanced states were at finite fields along the descending branch of a field sweep where [I.
The proximal stenosis of left anterior descending branch was 50% and formed collateral circulation to the distal right coronary artery [Figure 1]b.
Distribution of Bridging in Coronary Artery: Myocardial bridging was observed only in left anterior descending branch of left coronary artery (LAD) with a percentage of 3.
The involved vascular segments of right coronary artery (RCA) left main artery (LMA) left anterior descending branch (LAD) and left circumflex branch (LCX) were counted.
Yet, the caudal mesenteric artery, after arising from the abdominal aorta ventral face, immediately cranial to the external iliac arteries emission, divides into two branches, cranial rectal artery that sends branches to the large intestine terminal portion, and the right colic artery, which in its cranial path through the descending colon wall anastomises with the descending branch of the middle colic artery (Fig.
On 38th hospital day, we performed coronary angiography, which demonstrated multiple giant aneurysms with sluggish blood flow on the entire RCA and a stenosis on the proximal anterior descending branch of the left coronary artery.