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Running downward or toward the periphery.
Synonym(s): descendens
[L. de-scendo, pp. -scensus, to come down, fr. scando, to climb]


(dē-sĕn′dĕns) [L. de, from, + scendere, to climb]
Descending; a descending structure.

descendens hypoglossi

A branch of the hypoglossal nerve occurring at the point at which the nerve curves around the occipital artery, which passes down obliquely across (sometimes within) the sheath of the carotid vessels to form a loop just below the middle of the neck with branches of the second and third cervical nerves.
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The function of Donne as Prolocutor was limited to that of 'Internuncius' between the Upper and Lower Houses, 'tanquam Angelus ascendens et descendens inter Domum hanc superiorem vestram, et illam inferiorem nostram'.
Cuius igitur lucis repercussione solito longius intuitu, inter remotissimos equoris spatiosam secundo et tertio insulam prospiciens, faroque descendens, mecum quomodo dictam insulam adirem excogitare coepi.
'Descendens hypoglossi'--the superior root of the 'ansa cervicalis'--containing fibres from the ventral ramus of first cervical nerve accompanied the tendon in the mid region (shown in the photograph) below the level of hyoid bone.
Baculo, manu singulos gradus palpando, inspiciens, statim ut illum tangens fraudem diabolicam reperit, eo transgresso descendens, draconem scidit misitque in partes, ostendens et hic deos non esse qui manu fiunt (12) 2.
7: "Propriissime de lege naturae est principium practicum per se notum et eonclusio demostrative descendens ex tali principio; secundario autem de lege naturae est verum evidenter consonum talibus principiis et conclusionibus liceo non necesario sequens".
[9] Secunda adumbratio est ex eo [9] The second pretense derives ipso auctore novo descendens, qui from that same 'new' author, who minimum sane differt, quanquam certainly differs very little from differat, a Ciceronis eloquio.