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To produce desaturation.
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Using every tool in his arsenal - desaturating the colour, altering the frame rate, cranking up the sound effects, prosthetics, computer graphics - Steven Spielberg brought startling authenticity to the sequence - which PS9 million - and heralded in a new of filming action.
She added: "Medically, I am so much more better - I no longer require oneto-one constant supervision, I'm no longer desaturating or having any oxygen drops.
In addition, the feature let users identify and isolate the colors of a subject by desaturating everything else.
Her NIV (non-invasive ventilation) was necessary - she was desaturating without it - so I turned to her daughter instead.
"None of the foods had ingredient sources of DHA or EPA, another long-chain omega-3, but cats are able to synthesize DHA by elongating and desaturating fatty acids," Hall said.
The band recently announced its first studio LP with the classic Primus lineup of Claypool, guitarist Larry LaLonde and drummer Tim "Herb" Alexander since 1995's "Tales From The Punchbowl." Called "The Desaturating Seven," it will be released Sept.
The impulse to photograph display windows has a long genealogy in the history of photography, from Atget to Jeff Wall, who considers them "tableaux morts" rather than "tableaux vivants." Arnaud prefers to allow the image to emerge to the detriment of the object, through transitions from one medium to another, enlarging and retouching (using Photoshop), desaturating colors, and printing in low definition.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 5's noise reduction algorithm works much better to come closest to the two cameras, and renders better details with lesser noise, while desaturating the colour to an extent.
In terms of the look of the movie, digital black and white (as opposed to the richer tones of processed film) feels like a lost opportunity compared with the option of simply desaturating colours.
In anaesthesia practice, let alone paediatric anaesthesia practice, waiting for a desaturating patient with a lost airway to awaken is often not reasonable.
Cheung often shoots in shallow focus and tight frames, desaturating the image in post to look rosy and soft.
The artists work on two levels: saturating and increasing the contrast of the images to the limits of what could still be interpreted as a realistic photograph, making them appear vivid and immediate, or scaling back the colors, desaturating them nearly to the level that they appear faded and of another time.