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To produce desaturation.
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The film is soaked with a desaturated look that gives an apocalyptic feel to the proceedings its internalized chaos, and some of the editing works wonders in few of the scenes.
We also applied two different tests to evaluate the hue ordering performance: Farnsworth D15 test to investigate severe color vision loss, and Lanthony desaturated D15 (D15d) test to investigate mild color vision loss.
filtered with brightness and frivolity, desaturated to a mild tune, resulting in a soft and peacefully charming aesthetic.
"Casual blues and tender pinks will be paired with graphic colors, sophisticated nude palettes and desaturated colors." Light velvet, twill, monochromatic jacquard, velvet corduroy, cocoon-style, pillow-top, satin sheen will be popular, along with British-inspired wardrobe of tweeds, tartans, among other classic fabrics.
I love interesting prints, desaturated nudes and solids, all-black and all-white outfits.
She desaturated and was in acute respiratory distress requiring reintubation.
"The Bronx is more a lunar light, cloudier and desaturated, a colder tonality," Storaro says.
17 ABC Carpet & Home's Samoke rug punctures toasted saffron with streaks of azure and splashes of desaturated mauve.
The distracting green background in the Before image was desaturated to make it less distracting.
After watching the video clip, the participants were then shown 48 consecutive, desaturated color patches and were asked to indicate whether each patch was red, yellow, green, or blue.
Desaturated high contrast photos of Africa are being framed on the black walls of La Galerie Nationale.