dermonecrotic toxin

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dermonecrotic toxin

Any of a group of toxins that can cause necrosis of the skin. Coagulase-positive Staphylococcus aureus produces several such toxins.
Synonym: exfoliative toxin See: Kawasaki disease; staphylococcal scaled skin syndrome; toxic shock syndrome
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a poison, especially a protein or conjugated protein produced by certain animals, some higher plants, and pathogenic bacteria. Antigenic toxins, produced by bacteria or helminths, stimulate production of antitoxins. Exotoxins are produced by bacteria and diffuse into surroundings, e.g. tetanus toxin, or can be ingested preformed, e.g. botulinum toxin. Endotoxins are released into the surrounding tissue only when the bacteria break down. They are lipopolysaccharides and form part of the cell wall, e.g. coliform endotoxins. Metabolic toxins, e.g. toxic amines absorbed from damaged intestine, ketones, lactic acid from carbohydrate engorgement, ammonia in liver damage, creatinine in renal dysfunction. See also metabolic toxins.

dermonecrotic toxin
an exotoxin produced by certain bacteria that causes extensive local necrosis on intradermal inoculation.
extracellular toxin
intracellular toxin
tetanus toxin
the potent neurotoxic exotoxin produced by Clostridium tetani. Called also tetanospasmin.