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Pertaining to any application or illness which may cause necrosis of the skin.
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The diagnosis of brown recluse spider bite is overused for dermonecrotic wounds of uncertain etiology.
perfringens has traditionally been made by neutralization of lethality in mice or neutralization of dermonecrotic effect in guinea pigs (Murray et al.
Russell & Gertsch (1983) initiated a list of dermonecrotic etiologies, which were or could be mistaken for cutaneous loxoscelism; additional authors are still adding to this list (Table 1).
The activated protein is highly toxic and lethal, and have lethal, dermonecrotic activities [7].
This review was meant to provide useful information and guidelines to enable physicians, especially those outside the native range of Loxosceles reclusa, to make efficient, accurate diagnoses of dermonecrotic wounds of unknown origin.
The C-terminal portion of CNF1 represents the toxin's enzymatic domain and shows homology with dermonecrotic toxins in a 100-amino acid stretch that may represent the active site of the toxin (33,35).
Detection of Loxosceles venom in lesional hair shafts and skin: Application of a specific immunoassay to identify dermonecrotic arachnidism.
These effects range from carcinogenic and nephrotoxic health effects to dermonecrotic and immunosuppressive health effects (Orriss 1997).
In mice, only lethal, dermonecrotic and myotoxic activity was detected with P.
Identification of staphylococcal Panton-Valentine leukocidin as a potent dermonecrotic toxin.