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Like Luxiq and OLUX, the ketoconazole foam liquefies at body temperature, facilitating the delivery of the active dermatologic agent when applied to the body.
The dermatologic agent, ingenol mebutate (Picato) is used topically for actinic keratosis and appears to be compatible in pregnancy, because blood levels of the drug and two of its metabolites were below the lower limit of quantification (0.
The mousse remains a foam at room temperature and then liquifies when applied to the body, facilitating the delivery of active dermatologic agent.
The foam formulation has been shown to liquify when applied to the body, enabling rapid penetration of active dermatologic agent.
Cough/cold/allergy and dermatologic agents were the most likely to be RTS (3.
Exposures also were associated in a small number of cases with cardiovascular agents, dermatologic agents, or vitamins and therapeutic nutrients.
Other changes to the model guidelines include additional antidementia drugs and expanded dermatologic agents.