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1. To obtain or receive from a source.
2. To produce or obtain a chemical compound from another substance by chemical reaction.
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Thus, regardless of the number of times the product is subsequently sold and incorporated into downstream products, its treatment as a cost of goods sold by everyone but its original manufacturer will preclude two taxpayers from deriving a production deduction based on the sale of that component.
Engaged in the active conduct of a substantial trade or business in the CS of residence (other than the business of making or managing investments, unless by a bank or insurance company), and deriving income from the other CS in connection with (or incidental to) that business(47);
Independent personal services: An individual deriving income from independent personal services is taxable only in his CS of residence, unless the services are performed in the other CS and are attributable to a fixed base regularly available to him there for purposes of performing those activities.
We believe ACTC's technique for deriving stem cells without harming the embryo's potential for life can be an important consideration for the NAS as they form their recommendations to public officials," said William M.
The Company's scientific team has previously derived and differentiated both retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) and hemangioblast cell types, and is now looking forward to deriving these cells under GMP conditions for additional preclinical testing and, ultimately, human clinical trials.
Anish Majumdar, Geron's Senior Director of Cell Therapy Research, the presentation described an improved method of deriving islet cells that secrete insulin and glucagon and express the appropriate set of genetic markers confirming them to be human islet cells.
Brainstorm's success in deriving olgodendrocyte-like cells follows several other major technological achievements made by the company during the past year using the company's proprietary bone marrow derived stem cell technology.
In deriving these new hESCs cell lines, we paid very careful attention to the quality and origin of the reagents to which these cells were exposed," said Thomas B.
The University of Wisconsin-Madison achievement of deriving hES cells is reported in the November 6 issue of Science.