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1. To obtain or receive from a source.
2. To produce or obtain a chemical compound from another substance by chemical reaction.
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BEA derives seasonally adjusted estimates of the QCEW data using the X-12 ARIMA seasonal adjustment routine from the Census Bureau.
It is the first and most basic tenet of the Constitution that the government of the United States derives its authority from the governed--not from God.
As long as each vendor in the production chain retains the benefits and burdens of ownership during its MPGE of its own items of QPP, the gross receipts each derives from the sale of its own products to a downstream customer will be included within its DPGR.
Applicability of Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services When an Accountant Engaged to Perform a Business Valuation Derives Information from an Entity's Tax Return provides guidance to accountants engaged to perform a business valuation of any entity, when it may be necessary for the accountant to derive financial information to be used in that business valuation from the client's tax return.
I like, for example, his suggestion in Postmodern Fables of a sort of digital debility that would assume the role of the "stupidity" Flaubert diagnosed in the last century in relation to the Library, the Museum, and the Encylopedia as an element that arts and letters must combat and from which they derive. (One might see the "bad infinity" of the encylopedic "stupidity" of Bouvard and Pecuchet in the endless Al efforts to put life itself into the "modules" of a computer-brain.) For that perhaps is what the practice of aesthetics was for Lyotard in his many phases and derives - not a "theory," not a "method," not a "correctness," but rather a kind of intelligence, ever on the move.
After showing an Egyptian wall painting of two female dancers clad only in headdresses, jewelry, and belts, Berkut surmises that the name of the dance derives from the "belt of Sarah" - that is saraband!
While the Connecticut compost derives from a mixture of three parts household waste to one part filler, New York's comprises two parts leaves and two parts chipped Christmas trees to one part municipal waste.
Communications income is income derived from communications activity and may be derived indirectly, but in all cases the taxpayer derives communications income only if it is paid to transmit and bears the risk of transmitting, the communications.(23) Under this "paid-to-do" rule, the residence of a contract carrier -- and the actual path taken by the transmission -- is irrelevant.