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1. To obtain or receive from a source.
2. To produce or obtain a chemical compound from another substance by chemical reaction.
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Pirelli Star Deriver Mark Donnelley of Northern Ireland challenged Pryce and co-driver Dale Furniss of Llanfyllin for the honours over the first two stages before falling by the wayside, only for Cave to take up the mantle.
I teach a graphic design class in a computer lab, but deriver most instruction online through the 3D GameLab LMS, which means taking curriculum from the National Academy Foundation and "converting" it to a quest-based format while integrating it with lessons on Google Apps.
If Odin fails to detect the device then re-install USB deriver
A risk-adjusted operating model, supported by effective analytics, can deriver numerous benefits while helping insurance companies drive growth and deal with regulatory pressure.
He was able to deriver this carnage because the AR-15 is a civilian-grade weapon identical to the military's M-16--a device designed to murder many people quickly, and because high-capacity magazines are widely available for purchase at sporting goods stores.
The purpose of an interview is to allow you to size up the prospective employee, not to deriver a lecture on the sterling attributes of your office.
Using spatial analysis in ArcGIS, we calculated density for rivers and roads creating the layers Deriver and Deroglo, and converted soils and vegetation to rasters creating the layers World-reference-base-for-soil-resources-NO and Vegtyno.
The settlements also prohibit the defendants from violating the agency's telemarketing sales rule and require them to turn over "ill-gotten gains?' Health Care One and its affiliates allegedly deceived consumers by marketing medical discount plans as government-endorsed health insurance and claiming they would deriver substantial savings on consumers' health care costs.
The JP3503139 patent is a deriver from the white LED patent, suggesting the invalidation decision on 139 patent should be overruled.
"We can send an email out to women between 40 and 50 within one mile or a ear dealership," says Wittstruck, Who came to Deriver earlier this year.
"Our new Quantum HD will deriver peace of mind while enhancing the user's experience," said John Cosner, product manager of the Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, USA-headquartered diversified technology company.