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1. To obtain or receive from a source.
2. To produce or obtain a chemical compound from another substance by chemical reaction.
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The sport's name was derived from the various forms of martial arts it includes: karate (KA), judo and jujitsu (JU), kenpo (KEN) and boxing (BO).
In addition, the EVs derived from rat bone marrow-derived MSCs (rBMSC-EVs) can protect the rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cells against the excitotoxicity induced by glutamate.
Even though the Shahabad soil is derived from thelimestone, the soil is not calcareous but many limestone derived soils reported in the literature are calcareous in nature (Dasog and Hadimani, 1980; Khresat and Taimeh, 1998).
Furthermore, the researchers confirmed that iPSCs derived from the T cells of patients suffering from juvenile Parkinson's disease (PARK2) exhibited impaired mitochondrial phenotypes that the team had previously reported using the fibroblast-derived iPSCs derived from this patient.
Under laboratory conditions, iPS cells can be derived from human cells.
The quantity of cells that can be derived from placenta, however, is much greater than the amount that can be derived from umbilical cord blood, making the placenta the more abundant source.
For instance, the hESC-derived optic cup is much larger than the optic cup that Sasai and collaborators previously derived from mouse embryonic stem cells, suggesting that these cells contain innate species-specific instructions for building this eye structure.
A flu vaccine derived from cell culture proved as effective as currently available flu vaccines but would be less susceptible to manufacturing problems, according to a recent study.
Teijin Fibers' ECO CIRCLE PlantFiber is made roughly 30 percent from biofuels derived from biomass such as sugarcane.
MARYLAND-BASED MARTEK BIOSCIENCES CORPORATION created a microalgae-derived form of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid important for brain, eye, and heart health and often derived from fish oil.
The Phenbiox range, which utilizes this unique technology to offer antioxidant and protective benefits to both skin and hair, includes Cruox, derived from wheat bran; Hydropom, derived from tomato skins and rich in lycopene; Oleox, derived from organic olives; ProStructure, derived from walnuts; and Uviox, derived from grape skins, according to the company.