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1. To obtain or receive from a source.
2. To produce or obtain a chemical compound from another substance by chemical reaction.
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Apparent derived injuries are those of the organs, neurovascular bundles, or other tissues caused by the primary injury, and they have obvious clinical signs and symptoms.
It will be clear from the examples I present below that derived palindromes as defined above constitute only a small subset of the type of examples discussed in those earlier publications.
Free iron oxide, silica and alumina content in the soil of the profiles in the study is depicted in table 3, the CBD dissolved free iron and alumina and the boiling sodium-carbonate-soluble silica and alumina content are more in the limestone derived Shahabad soil (1.
Being able to prevent amputation in 75 percent of these patients demonstrates the true healing effect of adipose derived stem cells.
As in the income approach, if the P/E multiple were derived from the public market, it likely would reflect a minority interest.
If the roofing company and hauler can provide such certification, the shingle recycler should then be able to certify in writing to its customers that the RAS processed and utilized in HMA installed for road construction projects is derived from eligible shingles only.
199(c)(4) (B), gross receipts derived from the (1) sale of food and beverages prepared by the taxpayer at a retail establishment and (2) transmission or distribution of electricity, natural gas or potable water, are excepted from DPGR.
On August 8, genetic sequencing results showed vaccine derived poliovirus; the decision was made to launch an outbreak response immunization for 175,000 children <5 years of age living in Loei, Khonkaen, and Nongbualampoo provinces (visited by the patient from March to August 2003).
Foods Derived From Biotechnology FAO/WHO Published 2004 Paperback 51 Pages Price: 10.
DPGR equals the taxpayer's gross receipts derived from the production in the United States of certain specific types of real and personal property.
Hallgreen esters are derived from renewable resources, and are said to meet customer needs for environmentally friendly esters.
Another source of inner ear progenitor cells are embryonic stem cells, which are derived from the inner cell mass of the mouse blastocyst (figure 3).