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1. To obtain or receive from a source.
2. To produce or obtain a chemical compound from another substance by chemical reaction.
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Caption: Figure 1: Scheme of the method applied to identify the relationship between SWC and [RET.sub.A] in each study site; SWC0 coincides with the measured 0, and [SWC.sub.min], [SWC.sub.fc], and [SWC.sub.s] are readily derivable from the SWC annual evolution, while [SWC.sub.wp] is estimated by optimizing the site soil water balance as described in the text.
Therefore, the only type of request used by the participant of the present study in the early stages (Grades 5 and 7) is mood derivable; some request strategies performed by the learner are similar to performatives, but Mary's lack of linguistic means does not allow her to finish request strategies such as performatives in English and she tends to finish the request by means of a mood derivable request.
For example, all six requests for permission using the imperative included the politeness marker "please," as this example from the dataset shows: "Please let me know if this would be all right." Requests for permission were never made with the locution derivable, need statement, suggestory, expectation, or hint statements, as such formulations might have seemed either too brash or ambiguous when seeking permission.
"Put a problem with the stomach" (T3) Mood derivable Indicative (declarative) b.
An advantage of (41) and (42) is that they are derivable from each other, whereas for the A-[PHI] formulation, only the [PHI] equation is derivable from the A equation.
The local Zero Point Energy density has to become derivable from the frequency spectrum of an ensemble of ZPE photons.
One-individual or two- individual situation is generally adopted to simulate the interpersonal transport, and the results are thought to derivable to multi-individual situations.
One of the most powerful of Poe's major critical ideas recurring in all his works is the doctrine of unified effect standing as proof for his belief in the immense force derivable from totality, a concept that Poe formulated in his review of Nathaniel Hawthorne's Twice-Told Tales where he clearly states that "the unity of effect or impression is a point of the greatest importance." Deriving from his idea of unity--which finds its ultimate formulation in "Eureka"--his second major idea is that of the importance of method the writer must have in the literary system and the significance of perfectly understanding the way of achieving unity: "having conceived, with deliberate care, a certain unique or single effect to be wrought out ...
This car is derivable and we can even fit a baby seat in the back so that a small family can use it till the second baby arrives," says Mr Mahesh.
Definition 3 (Derivable formula) Given a specification s, a program m, a Lucas-Interpreter L = ([XI], [T.sub.m], [[right arrow].sub.m], [S.sub.m]), a calculation c with c is-generated-by (s, m, L) at configuration x, F as part of configuration x of L and finally given a formula [f.sub.I] input by the learner, then we have the rule