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AS illustrated in this case, not all derailments are caused by deficiencies in private owners' sidings and may, instead, be caused by defective railroad rolling stock.
While knowledge shortfalls certainly contributed to derailments, they tended to be viewed as more easily correctable than other flaws.
It mentions that the recent derailments and accidents especially in Sukkur division bears testimony to this effect.
According to railway officials, the incident occurred during changing of track at the outer signal of Kotri Railway Junction, however no casualty was reported as a result of derailment of locomotive, power van and a coach except halting of railway traffic both at up and down tracks.
Lukes said he and his department still don't know what caused the derailment of two locomotives and 13 cars filled with coal on a train that was moving through town just before 8 a.m.
"Deeply anguished by the loss of lives due to the derailment of coaches of the Seemanchal Express.
In the days that followed the derailment, several statements issued by the TRA and Lu during questioning by the Legislative Yuan were contradicted by passengers on the train, the Taiwan Railway Labor Union, and internal staff.
New Delhi: Despite the massive track repair and maintenance work being undertaken by the Indian Railways, the instances of train derailment have gone up as compared to the past.
FILE: Aswan train derailment reroutes trains to Idfu, Luxor ASWAN - 29 July 2018: A train travelling from Cairo to Aswan derailed in front of a Kom Ombo village in northern Aswan governorate early Sunday.
The cause behind the derailment is under investigation.
The government's latest response to derailments of "bomb trains" carrying volatile Bakken crude oil and ethanol may help limit impacts in the aftermath of an accident, but do nothing to prevent the next fiery derailment.