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A major degradation process occurring in exposed DNA (for example, in fossils).
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Sodium adducts and depurination products in the spectrum were minor and did not interfere with assignment of genotype.
Depurination of oligonucleotides is also a potential problem and occurs most frequently at low pH (65).
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Reduction of cation adduction of oligonucleotides (14-16); minimization of DNA degradation, including depurination (17-19); and selection of proper matrices (20-24) are important to obtain high sensitivity, and the delayed extraction technology (25) has reduced ion fragmentation and increased spectral resolution.
In water, autocatalytic processes through depurination can result in a completely degraded DNA after only a few weeks.
These damages, defined as structural irregularities in DNA that cannot be replicated or inherited (unlike mutations), are of many types: single- and double-stranded breaks, modified bases, depurinations, cross-links, and so on.
The process is based on a non-toxic hydrogel purification technique that removes n-1 products and depurinations from short and longmer oligonucleotides.