depth recording

depth re·cord·ing

study of subcortical cerebral electrical activity after placing electrodes in these areas.
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The high grade intersection corresponds to the "Nymagee Lode" position, which was selectively mined in the period 1880 to 1918 to approximately 250m depth recording production of 422,000t at 5.8% Copper.
"I would have felt out of my depth recording, for instance, Beethoven when so many greats have already done it."
Video recording of the light markers attached to the lower right limb (hip, knee and ankle joints heel and the second metatarsal's pick), of a human subject during locomotion, is possible by using a high speed video camera, in special conditions (1/250 frames/second and an adjustable depth recording field of 3500 mm).
News-side features include: readability analysis and grade-level compliance; data exchange with third-party applications that can run on the same system; a desk-and-basket program that links outbound, incoming and in-progress work baskets at all stations to simplify work-status checking; on-the-fly h&j and depth recording during writing and text editing for easier work with available space; import of tabular copy or lists from a remote PC or other system (Lotus 1-2-3 is available on line), using cut-and-paste to drop a chart into a story in progress.
An Expendable Bathythermograph will further check the accuracy of temperature and depth recordings, while HM Echo's HiPAP (High Precision Acoustic Positioning) sonar is being used outside its normal operating parameters to listen for the aircraft transponder.
Of the 25 recaptured fish with intact archival tags, the time recorded varied from a few weeks up to two years, yielding a total of 296,000 depth recordings. All tags were both released and recaptured at or close to the continental slope (Fig.