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1. To take something from someone or something.
2. To keep from possessing or enjoying something.

Patient discussion about deprive

Q. what are the affects of sleep deprivation, and can I counteract them? I’m a college student and I’ve been sleeping for 5-6 hours a night for the past month…what symptoms should I expect? And how can I counteract them?

A. I studied this just 2 days ago:

Studies on sleep deprivation are actually beginning to show that people do not require as much sleep as traditionally taught. While sleep deficits effect first auditory acuity, and can even cause people to go into what are called microsleeps, researchers are finding that when people are being deprived of sleep they actually sleep more efficiently (spending more time in stages 3 and 4 of sleep) The problem is that people do not train themselves properly to shortened sleep periods, thus stuggle to adapt when they cannot receive the customary eight hours. Ideally, with adequate control and preperation, people can sleep for 4 hours a night and be fully cognatively functional.

(DaVinci purportedly survived on 15min cat naps taken every four hours his entire adult life, and he was certainly on his toes)

Just thought you'de find that interesting

See Pinel's chapter on Sleep in his text "Biopsychology" for more. (Pinel, 2009)


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If Russia with some Western companies manages to build the Nord Stream-2, it means that Russia will achieve its goals and fully deprive Ukraine of transit services of natural gas to the EU member states," said Arseniy Yatsenyuk.
Arseniy Yatsenyuk noted that Russia together with some Western companies "wants to disable direct and secure cheap gas flow to the European Union and deprive Ukraine of $2 billion.
There have already been more than enough broken promises and incalculable costs at King-Drew Medical Center, which not only deprive South L.
The trade associations told the Supreme Court that the 10th Circuit's decision deprives the petitioner of that right, while a ruling by the 1st Circuit supported that right.
Driving companies out of Los Angeles doesn't just deprive average residents of economic opportunity; in the long run, it also deprives the city treasury of the greater tax revenues that would flow from a more vibrant economy.
And, given that alternatives to US WEST are extremely limited in Colorado, the tariff effectively deprives the public of the competitive options Congress and the state regulators intended.