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As long as the crisis continues, retaining rights is a testimony to Qatar's resilience, deprival would be a victory for its detractors.
reported about the deprival of Indians from service of available trained Public Health Veterinarians (Das, 2004).
(44) In a large majority of the cases reviewed, sexual minorities recounted having endured troubling experiences including: deprival of family support, (45) vandalism, (46) harassment from police, (47) arrest, (48) death threats, (49) unemployment, (50) dismissal from university, (51) and physical assaults.
The Ninth Circuit in Lavan also held that the city action constituted a deprival of property without due process.
Here we can also locate the interface with Social Services, whose performance focuses over the diverse expressed manifestations of the social issue, many times, in situations of obstruction and/or deprival of rights and whose coping requires the commitment to citizenship, democracy and human rights, in line with professional aspirations, both political radicalism and its ethical dimension.
Meanwhile control and deprival of autonomy may be done intending benevolence or exploitation [4].
It's simple, satisfying and there's no sense of deprival. If you're on 26 points you can fritter them all away on chocolates if you want, but that would be very unhealthy.
Today, although society acknowledges the existence of several family models that do not longer fit into the ideal of a bourgeois family and the need to stimulate work with families and communities, in the attempt to prepare them for the protective care of their children and adolescents, the deprival of liberty is justified by the "loss of structure" of the family and social context.
Sanctions were imposed on them, including family visit deprival for a month, and confiscation of electronic devices and the prisoners' belongings.
The basic reason for this deprival, which was accepted by the British themselves was that Frontier was a breeding ground for revolutionary ideas and its war-like and fanatical population did not allow them to introduce liberal Constitutional Reforms there.8 The educated and political minded people inside as well as outside the province, even the Muslim leadership of India and Muslim press like 'Zamindar' were disturbed at the exclusion of N.W.F.P.
Supreme Court's focus on the deprival of liberty and the notion that imprisonment is an extremely severe type of punishment.
(24) The primordial meaning of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is not even related to [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], since the concept of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] denotes primarily a deprival of oblivion/ concealment: it means "taking the beings into true safekeeping as unveiled." (25) But what are the beings which are taken into this veritative "safekeeping" within [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]?