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carried below the normal level; associated with depression.
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1. Flattened from above downward.
2. Below the normal level or the level of the surrounding parts.
3. Below the normal functional level.
4. Dejected; lowered in spirits.
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1. Affected with depression as a mood disorder.
2. Feeling or characterized by sadness or dejection.
3. Flattened along the dorsal and ventral surfaces.
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1. Flattened from above downward.
2. Below the normal level or the level of the surrounding parts.
3. Below the normal functional level.
4. Dejected; low in spirits.
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(of plant structures)
  1. sunken, producing a concavity.
  2. flattened.
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Patient discussion about depressed

Q. am i depressed i feel sad,lonely,streeted,worthless that nothing matter anymore..i sleep all the time,loss of intrest of everything..

A. yes,go see a dr. a.s.a.p.,i went through a bad depression mode during the divorce of my first wife,i slept for 3 days,no food,no shower,nobody to talk to,so i finlly went to the dr. he put me on prozac,and after a few days i was back to my old self again,JUST GO SEE A DR.

Q. what about depression?

A. Hey. It might be nice "for you" if you came back to this and said some more, or read some of the other questions and answers.

Q. what causes depression?

A. You need to define what you mean by depression. Clincal depression is one thing and feeling low from time to time is another. There is a lot of good information at your finger tips on the www. You may want to shy away from those websites that are paid for my the pharmacutical companies. They want to sell you their drugs. What is the cause of your depression? Are there one or two things that you can point to? If you are clinically depressed, see a dr., that is, if you can get out of bed...If you are depressed due to family, or the fools in Washington, those are things that you may work out with your minister or rabbi or a therapist. I have found a lot of good information on therapy and therapists on
You may want to start there.

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"This suggests that visits to the pediatrician may provide an ideal opportunity to discuss specific parenting behaviors with fathers and to refer depressed fathers for appropriate treatment," said R Neal Davis, a former fellow at the University of Michigan Health System's Child Health and Evaluation Research (CHEAR) Unit in the Division of General Pediatrics.
In majority of head injury cases, the incidence of depressed skull fracture is increasing, requiring trained staff and modern equipments for better care to save the lives of the patients.4 The patients are victims of road traffic accidents, assaults or other high-energy collisions.5 The introduction of Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) training program, helped in better understanding of management of head injury patients.6 Depressed skull fracture usually occurs following high-speed impact with a small object.
Every consecutive depressed lactating mother visiting outpatient department or in-patients of immunization clinic of Bolan Medical Complex Hospital, Quetta, were included whereas every consecutive non-depressed lactating mothers visiting immunization clinic were included in the non-depressed (healthy) group.
"Interventions such as mindfulness-based cognitive therapy are quite successful in empowering depressed people to recognize and better regulate the content of their thoughts," said Dr.
Depressed people are also rejected in other, more formal social interactions, for example, those occurring within their workplace.
As shown in Table 1, the urinary 24 h 17-OH cortisol level and the 24 h free corticosterone level did not differ between the depressed cases and the depressed controls at the time of enrollment.
- 71% of depressed people get sidetracked easily by obstacles to their goals (vs.
Results: Findings showed non-significant differences on these variables, Spelling and Reading between children of depressed and non depressed mothers, however significant difference was revealed on the variable of Arithmetic between children of depressed and non depressed mother.
In the study, 77 percent of depressed fathers reported talking to their child's pediatrician in the previous year, suggesting such visits may provide an opportunity both to discuss parenting behaviors such as reading and using non-physical forms of discipline and to refer men for appropriate treatment.
AMERICA'S favourite chat show host Oprah Winfrey revealed she was depressed after her movie flopped.
Regardless of whether children are adopted, their risk of experiencing depression is increased if their mother is depressed. The risk, therefore, is probably not entirely genetic.