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1. To cause to be sad or dejected.
2. To cause to drop or sink; lower.
3. To press down.
4. To lessen the activity or force of something; weaken.
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Patient discussion about depress

Q. am i depressed i feel sad,lonely,streeted,worthless that nothing matter anymore..i sleep all the time,loss of intrest of everything..

A. yes,go see a dr. a.s.a.p.,i went through a bad depression mode during the divorce of my first wife,i slept for 3 days,no food,no shower,nobody to talk to,so i finlly went to the dr. he put me on prozac,and after a few days i was back to my old self again,JUST GO SEE A DR.

Q. what about depression?

A. Hey. It might be nice "for you" if you came back to this and said some more, or read some of the other questions and answers.

Q. what causes depression?

A. You need to define what you mean by depression. Clincal depression is one thing and feeling low from time to time is another. There is a lot of good information at your finger tips on the www. You may want to shy away from those websites that are paid for my the pharmacutical companies. They want to sell you their drugs. What is the cause of your depression? Are there one or two things that you can point to? If you are clinically depressed, see a dr., that is, if you can get out of bed...If you are depressed due to family, or the fools in Washington, those are things that you may work out with your minister or rabbi or a therapist. I have found a lot of good information on therapy and therapists on
You may want to start there.

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Forty-one per cent of fathers said they had hit their child in the last month -- over three times as many as fathers who weren't depressed, reported the study published in the journal -- 'Paediatrics.'
Following the inquest, his father, Nick Easey, said: "Nobody really knew the extent to which Max was depressed. To find out the information he was clinically depressed at the inquest was a real shock to us all.
Conclusion: Depressed skull fracture is common neuro surgical issue.
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The MACE rate was 4.8% in the nondepressed group and similar at 4.6% in the "no longer depressed" group.
Individuals with depressed mood forgot more number strings than people without depressed mood when responding to a sentence with negative information.
Among depressed men, only those aged 60 or older had a significant difference in obesity rates, at 47%, compared with 35% of nondepressed men, the NCHS found.
Regarding depression, research has demonstrated that the public perceives depressed individuals as potentially dangerous and capable of arousing negative emotions from others (Angermeyer & Matschinger, 2004; Peluso & Blay, 2009).
On June 25, Dr Sharma had told the court that depressed fracture was not mentioned in rushi and Hemraj's postmortem report.
Despite the high rates of suicidal behavior in depressed individuals, only a minority of depressed persons actually attempt suicide, so it is important to identify which depressed individuals are at highest risk of suicide.
Queendom's statistics reveal that depressed people outscored the rest of the population on tendency to procrastinate (score of 45 vs.
(1)Children of mothers having depressive symptoms will score low on the level of academic achievement (Spelling, Reading and Arithmetic) as compare to children of non depressed mothers.