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A depraved act or the condition of being depraved.
Synonym(s): depravation
An inherent deficiency of moral sense and rectitude, equivalent to the statutory term, ‘depravity of heart’, defined as the highest grade of malice, or indifference to the lives of others, which may result in a person’s conviction of second-degree murder
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at last to sink into depravity which obscures the mind and turns the heart to stone.
Closer to home, a slew of Christian fundamentalist voices said it was God's revenge for America's Satanic tout of homosexuality, abortion, sexual depravity, Ellen DeGeneres, gambling and other vices.
Depravity of every sort has been given new status on such acclaimed programs as The Sopranos, Queer as Folk, Sex & the City, The Osbournes, and the Howard Stern Show.
Readers of Catholic Insight should beware: Anyone who steadfastly upholds the historic and true teaching of the Christian church on the grave depravity of homosexual acts could soon end up in jail as a prisoner of conscience.
He has plumbed the depths of human depravity and deserves no place in civilised society.
Hands Eysenk said as far back as 1972: 'If television advertisement is effective, and there is little doubt that it is, then why should television (today this includes videos and the internet) be less effective when it advertises violence, sexual depravity and the permissiveness generally?
In a lower court ruling, superior court judge Patrick McGann cited biblical condemnations for justifying the Scouts' policy and blasted Dale for "moral depravity.
Or, as in "Nicander and Lucilla," where the duke's son slips into moral/ political depravity and bribes a beautiful but poor woman's mother for her daughter's virginity in return for a dowry, events turn so that the royal characters (re)discover their magnanimity as the plot progresses.
Among the unspeakable acts of depravity to grace Microsoft's "Judgment Day" Party will be Deathmatch T95, the bloodletting culmination of two weeks of global competition involving DOOM II, Heretic and The Ultimate DOOM.
A RAPIST captured two days after a BBC Crimewatch appeal is facing a huge jail term for crimes "of almost unimaginable depravity.
As the insurgents' attacks escalated, so did their depravity and boldness - hundreds of Iraqi police and civilians who cooperated with American authorities to rebuild the government and infrastructure have been killed or wounded.
THE scenes we have witnessed at a Belfast school recently have plumbed new depths of depravity and barbarism.