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A depraved act or the condition of being depraved.
Synonym(s): depravation
An inherent deficiency of moral sense and rectitude, equivalent to the statutory term, ‘depravity of heart’, defined as the highest grade of malice, or indifference to the lives of others, which may result in a person’s conviction of second-degree murder
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The gruesome assault on a little child a few days back reminds us of the need to work collectively to root out this sort of depravity from our society," Dr.
I have to say Ian and I were profoundly shocked at the depravity we heard for the first time," he wrote.
Following the murder of his father, Hamlet is unable to seek revenge and sees the country deteriorate into a nation of depravity, lawlessness and bloodshed.
Let's watch out to protect our children from the depravity, sin, and evil," declared the bishop.
Your depravity knows no bounds and you are a danger to all women.
The illuminating torch of justice must rid the Cellar Of Sin of the darkness where depravity has lurked for far too long.
With sex education in schools having the opposite effect to that intended, free contraception, morning-after pills and abortion on demand together with the virulent influence of an unchecked media, the moral depravity of the nation is at an all-time high.
You simply can't vet the moral worth -- or at least, the absence of obvious, deep-seated depravity -- of every potential Oscar nominee.
Once he had their e-mail addresses, the father of two used some of the most advanced computer programmes seen by police to hack into their PCs, clearly demonstrating the "horrors that lurk within the internet" and the depravity of some of those using it.
It sticks with the format: a lot of Bay Area stuff, the Northwest, East Coast, depravity, quick wit, bad tattoos, DIY skate spots, pools, road trips, parks, bros, sleeping bags in the dirt, etc.
Paul Blackwood (35) was ordered to serve at least seven years before being considered for parole after his own barrister described the offence as one of utter depravity.
The Seven Addictions And Five Professions Of Anita Berber: Weimar Berlin's Priestess Of Depravity is the career story of actor, dancer, poet, and sex culture icon Anita Berber, who scandalized Weimar Berlin by appearing naked in nightclubs and casinos save for a sable wrap.