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A depraved act or the condition of being depraved.
Synonym(s): depravation
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An inherent deficiency of moral sense and rectitude, equivalent to the statutory term, ‘depravity of heart’, defined as the highest grade of malice, or indifference to the lives of others, which may result in a person’s conviction of second-degree murder
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I was worth nothing, a means to satisfy his own depravity."
is of of depravity The legal change meant Sinclair could be retried after the court case against him collapsed seven years previously.
Manama: Kuwait security authorities have arrested 47 foreigners for absconding, staying illegally in the country and engaging in acts of moral depravity.
"These steps are necessary to preserve our religious identity and immunise society against any depravity," it said.
I recently asked an elected official this question: "How do you know Chloe and individuals like her are not looking at the rest of us and thinking 'What is wrong with these humans who are filled with anger, violence, hatred, depravity and despair and why can't they fix themselves'?" Who are the truly defective, broken, disabled ones in our culture of death?
"The gruesome assault on a little child a few days back reminds us of the need to work collectively to root out this sort of depravity from our society," Dr.
The respected teacher also told of his horror at the depravity of Kevin Brown's abuse, which was finally revealed by prosecuting counsel during Brown's sentencing at Newcastle Crown Court.
Some of the images were graded at the second-highest level of depravity and featured children being raped.
"Wars, famine, drug abuse, murder and sexual depravity all dominate the news in today's society and all are mirrored in the 'rotten state' of Hamlet's Denmark.
Nikolay, who is the youngest of all Bulgarian bishops, condemned the third Sofia gay parade as an expression of depravity and sin.
"Depravity: A Narrative of 16 Serial Killers" tells the story of some of the most evil individuals in human history, looking at their atrocities and crimes against mankind.
Judge Hilary Watson told Benjamin O'Meally his depravity knew no bounds as she ruled he must spend a minimum of nine years nine months behind bars.