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Deteriorated or degenerate; corrupt.
[L. depravo, to corrupt]
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"Yes, I never loved her," said he to himself; "I knew she was a depraved woman," he repeated, "but dared not admit it to myself.
There was a way to deal with that, and I dealt; the more readily for my full vision--on the evidence--of our employer's late clever, good-looking "own" man; impudent, assured, spoiled, depraved. "The fellow was a hound."
Antisemitism and Islamophobia are both depraved forms of hate, but the root causes affecting them are light years apart.
Her brother Kevin, 52, said: "His depraved actions in his sordid life and his decision not to offer any signs of remorse or give up his secrets before his death, outweigh any wishes he may have had.
A judge slammed him for the 'utterly depraved and utterly wicked' abuse.
PC Jess Spencer, of Operation Nemesis, said: "Charnock clearly has a depraved and unhealthy interest in underage girls and I welcome his conviction.
Det Con Ben Harris said: "Osman Ali is a depraved individual who preyed on a vulnerable young girl."
Watchdogs policing the internet are being swamped as depraved online content hits record levels.
A British undercover National Crime Agency (NCA) officer helped build the case against "predatory serial offender" Falder, posing as a member of one of these online groups in order to snare the depraved abuser.
The depraved dead body of Taj Bibi was found from Kanak area on 15 December 2017 and her survivors were nominated accused Muhammad Ali, they arrested persons are brother of nominated accused.
Hijazi's counsel maintained that the case filed by the prosecution against his client was based on depraved intentions.
"Depraved" Raymond Hodges was jailed for 25 years at Cardiff Crown Court yesterday after he was convicted of a horrendous catalogue of sexual offences against his victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons.