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A decrease in population due to mass emigration or decreased birth rate
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How many students will it take to depopulate our city of people of the working population, necessary to staff the shops, bars and public amenities?
Montserrat's chief minister David Brandt has accused Tony Blair of "a deliberate attempt" to depopulate the island.
Bulgarians, particularly those in Southern Dobrudza, have harbored fears that if the Romanian moratorium is lifted, the technology will for sure affect Bulgarian regions close to the Bulgarian-Romanian border and will destroy the soil, poison the waters, and depopulate the region.
such plans to depopulate the area from seven Palestinian communities as part of
"This is connected with the intentions of the Turkish state to depopulate the Strandzha Mountain region.
Al-Quds editorial criticized the indecisiveness and soft language of the European Union report on the Israeli policy to depopulate area C of its Palestinian residents, as well as criticized the lack of a stern position against Israeli practices.
Al-Quds daily highlighted the European Union's report on Israeli policy to depopulate Area C of the West Bank of its Palestinian residents in order to block chances for the establishment of a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders.
"This criminal deal forcefully depopulates cities," Adib Al Shishakli said, adding that it is tantamount to striking them with chemical weapons.