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Foley said the Kelvey deposition ground rules have worked well in Superior Court in eliminating improper leading or limiting comments or objections by a deponent's attorney.
Consequently, the morpho-syntax of voice makes space for deponent verbs, which include "notional" middle predicates, i.e.
[section] 516.48, I am required to instruct the deponent not to answer questions which call for official information outside the scope of this authorization or seek information which is otherwise prohibited from disclosure.
The Celerity court held that the party seeking the deposition, not the party seeking protection, had the "burden to justify these apex depositions." (72) It devoted little analysis to the putative deponents' responsibility to show good cause.
* [H.sub.0]: If [P.sub.i] < 1, than the "i" deponent need money, and he will withdraw all the money from the bank;
Although she is quoted by deponents ranging from her mother, to her midwife, to various neighbors, she never speaks in her own voice.
Martin says in his deposition that 'Mr ffeilde is of this deponents [ie, Martin's] acquaintance and his friend'.
When deponents admit to having seen specific heretics, they are often said to have been in domestic spaces, and homes in particular.
As the names suggest, the former are designed "for the purpose of discovery," to permit parties to fully explore a deponent's knowledge; the latter are designed "for use as evidence," to preserve a deponent's testimony.
foregoing Cokeley standard to cases involving military deponents. (40)
Deponents obviously benefited from it as their social acceptance and quality of life improved, while victims also reported feeling more respected in their communities and more willing to forgive (Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor, 2005, Part 9, p.