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To deprive of polarity.
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(12) on cerebellar purkinje neurons, it was reported that cells were depolarized in a mean value interval of approximately 0.30-2.50 mV with the inhibition of ERG channels by specific blockers but this effect was not statistically significant.
Therefore, conventional 3GPP DP MIMO SCM lack of implementing polarization diversities from depolarized propagation channels.
The presynaptic terminal was depolarized from--80 mV to 0mV for 50ms (after a 2ms pulse to +70mV to activate Ca currents maximally).
Control cells, stimulated PMN with C5a 100 ng/ml, and depolarized PMN remained in one population (Figure 3(f)).
(2010) and (2011) found that kisspeptin neurons were depolarized by leptin via activating TRPC in guinea pig.
Doublenegative cells correspond to cells with depolarized mitochondria but an integral plasma membrane.
They will be depolarized under activation of postsynaptic dopamine receptors, causing high-frequency spikes.
HEK293 cells were held at -80 mV for 1 s and then were depolarized for 3 s using 10 mV intervals from -60 mV to +50 mV.
In this study, we monitored the effect of the two diterpenes tested, on vascular preparations, depolarized by raising the [K.sup.+] concentration in the standard bath solution.
As is evident, while the first stimulus generates an action potential, the 5.3% reduction in the magnitude of the stimulating current leads to suppression of the action potential as the membrane potential is not sufficiently depolarized to reach the critical threshold level.
But, no nicotinic antagonist must be given, even if the nicotinic signs are severe, as this would exacerbate any depolarized blockade of respiratory muscles.
In chronically depolarized neurons, increased Na/K pump activity could be seen to reduce intracellular [Na.sup.+] levels to help restore cellular homeostasis, but the increased demand for ATP could be deleterious.