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By searching for an increase of the background counts in the detector during storage we were able to detect depolarized neutrons.
The membrane will become depolarized next to the initial site of depolarization, and the potential will increase (i.
Example trajectories for a stored neutron, a depolarized neutron and several protons are displayed in Fig.
In contrast, Hcrt/Orx neurons are always depolarized to their trigger point for firing, Muhlethaler explains.
Interneurons that were hyperpolarized by NE had electrophysiological characteristics different from interneurons located in the same region that were depolarized by NE, exhibiting larger amplitude action potentials that were shorter in duration.
Although a depolarized beam laser should be used, our equipment configuration does not allow a complete depolarization of the laser beam.
Additionally, the antioxidant triggered the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), causing apoptosis, and depolarized the mitochondrial membranes, indicating a decrease in the cell's potential to function.
The new oxygen depolarized cathode (ODC) technology is used for the electrolysis of table salt, by which means 95 percent of all chlorine is produced.
The primary cause of death is asystole or ventricular fibrillation, which occurs as a result of depolarized entire myocardium due to massive direct current shock (1, 2).
For examination of the contraction in depolarized muscle, normal KHS in the tissue bath was replaced to KHS containing high concentration [K.
1], and since the "wrong" spin state drains within seconds from the storage volume, we detect a clear signal from the depolarized neutrons.