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To deprive of polarity.
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C5a Depolarizes PMN in a Concentration- and Time-Dependent Manner.
This closure depolarizes A3/4 cell membrane and stimulates insulin release through Ca+2 influx by opening voltage gated Ca+2 channels [4].
When motor neurons are stimulated, they release neurotransmitters that depolarize the membranes of muscle cells.
Recent research has discovered that for certain functions millions of neurons will depolarize in synchrony; that is, at exactly the same time (Bushara 2003).
The action of succinylcholine is to open sodium channels and depolarize the postsynaptic muscle membrane in the same manner as acetylcholine.
All three units have continuous operation, a cleaning tank with insulated double-wall construction, an adjustable thermostat for cleaning fluid temperature, and Vibra-Bar transducer modules that are guaranteed by the manufacturer not to crack, depolarize, or detach from the radiating surface for 10 years.
The rest of the book goes well beyond these dichotomies in an attempt to "depolarize" these views and resolve their differences in the hopes of developing a truly effective national drug policy.
One dilemma is how to depolarize in order to negotiate resolution of these conflicts.
One drawback is that AC can depolarize the zinc grounding cell allowing more cathodic protection current to pass through the cell.
It has been established that bacteria can co-exist on cathodically protected pipelines and continue to depolarize the surfaces.
"It seems only logical that a device capable of depolarizing skeletal muscle can also depolarize heart muscle and cause fibrillation under certain circumstances."
An action potential can be propagated only if sufficient current travels down the cell to depolarize the adjacent membrane below the threshold in membrane potential.