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To deprive of polarity.
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The digoxin binding to sodium potassium ATPase of the archaeal membrane generates a paroxysmal depolarisation shift and an electromagnetic field of 10-7 Hz oscillations.
Following the development and quantification of the automatic algorithms for T-wave end detection the spatial distribution of cardiac magnetic field strength during ventricular depolarisation (R-wave) and repolarisation (T-wave) was measured automatically in both normal and patient groups.
It was widely predicted that depolarisation would allow the big battalions - banks and building societies - to grab a big chunk of business from financial advisors.
Depolarisation has muddied the waters but there is still no doubt in my mind that independent advice is best.
The move by Abbey comes ahead of depolarisation, which is expected in 2005 and ends the current rule restricting firms that are not independent financial advisers to sell products on behalf of only one provider.
Mice had prolonged ventricular depolarisation, an electrical conduction anomaly that could lead to heart rhythm abnormalities.
So-called 'depolarisation' - a move aimed at increasing the range of financial products available to consumers as well as giving them a clearer picture of what they are paying for - comes into force.
However, with the introduction of depolarisation, so-called multi-tied advisers will be able to sell products from a range of different providers without having to offer them from the whole market.
Sergei Kirov, a neuroscientist in the Medical College of Georgia Schools of Medicine and Graduate Studies, has revealed that it is called anoxic depolarisation, and it primarily results from the brain getting insufficient blood and oxygen after a stroke.