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In a clinical trial, the readying of an information system for field use by providing or disseminating capture devices, tokens or passwords for users of an activated system.
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(di-ploy′) [Fr. deployer, to scatter]
1. To prepare personnel or resources for anticipated use, e.g. in a mass casualty or a field of battle.
2. To put into therapeutic use.
3. To insert (e.g., prostheses, stents).
deployment (mĕnt)
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President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the deployment of more soldiers to Negros Oriental, Negros Occidental, and the Bicol Region to suppress 'sporadic acts of violence' allegedly committed by lawless groups.
The letter said ECP should refrain from deployment of regular troops in the by-election in the larger interest of the system and the country.
In another order, AO 254, Bello also lifted the deployment ban for newly hired professionals, skilled and semiskilled workers to Kuwait.
Bello issued the lifting of the total ban in compliance with the order of President Duterte on Wednesday for the DOLE to resume the deployment for all categories of OFWs to Kuwait.
Bello said the deployment ban will be lifted only after the Kuwait government has ensured justice for the death of Demafelis.
* Establishing a deployment culture that enabled a no-notice multi-corps, multinational deployment capable of conducting full-spectrum operations against a hostile state.
It addresses a long standing issue that, when database deployments are made, it is vital to monitor their impact in case they lead to SQL Server problems.
Deployment of HVDC transmission systems is beneficial for supplying power in remote areas.
"Regardless of where the ship is located during deployment, the FAT can reach out to provide assistance," said Maxwell.
* improving both unit and installation deployment skills associated with moving units from fort to port.
Section 2 discusses design considerations, classification, and evaluation criteria of deployment algorithms in UASNs.
Retail Deployment of the Year and Telecommunication Deployment of the Year went to Bindawood Group and Mobily, whilst King Hamad University Hospital took Healthcare Deployment of the Year.

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