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In a clinical trial, the readying of an information system for field use by providing or disseminating capture devices, tokens or passwords for users of an activated system.


(di-ploy′) [Fr. deployer, to scatter]
1. To prepare personnel or resources for anticipated use, e.g. in a mass casualty or a field of battle.
2. To put into therapeutic use.
3. To insert (e.g., prostheses, stents).
deployment (mĕnt)
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Based on the Forrester Research findings, there are five common myths associated with the enterprise adoption of wireless networks, which include misperceptions about limitations, security, ease of deployment and management, and value beyond mobile data.
Deployment Solution provides value to businesses during an operating system migration by reducing IT costs and delivering efficiencies through image standardization.
There are a lot of moving parts involved a deployment such as this one and it requires communication and coordination to make it work.
In addition to utilizing Ambient's industry-leading, FCC-certified X2 BPL Access Node (with up to three 200Mbit BPL interfaces), Ambient-designed next-generation overhead and underground couplers and BPL modems in the deployment, Ambient will provide the engineering and technical support needed to design, support and assist in the deployment and management of the network.
Division logisticians said a closer working relationship with SDDC helped make the deployment process smoother.
The in-transit visibility provided by the 599th exceeded the current benchmark, said Tony Jacang, chief of the division's Deployment Training Center.
To date, the metrics of the deployment and distribution involved in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom are absolutely fantastic.
Group enablers were imbedded at every stage in the deployment process.
We are incorporating and merging multiple automated systems in conjunction with deployment operations for the first time.
The report analyzes and highlights the key IPTV end to end system components needed for a successful deployment.
Meanwhile, members of the 322nd received valuable deployment training.
For Nokia, this move addresses operator demand for a partner that can deliver a complete range of services, from deployment operations to consulting and integration to managed services.

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