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Q. Is there any depression which is dependent on something. is there any depression which is dependent on something and whenever that thing strikes the depression arrives?

A. Well Anthony, almost all depression had some known dependency on something. But its regular dependency and frequency increment or decrement will differ a lot. One kind of depression like seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is where every individual remains depressed every year at the same time, which may be due to seasonal changes like winter and summer. In SAD the depression arrives every year at the same time and it seems to be arrival of depression dependent on the season.

Q. What is the difference between alcoholism, alcohol abuse and alcohol dependent?

A. Alcoholism is the high carve for drinking without caring for negative results it will have on physical, mental, emotional and social life. A binge drinker who continues to drink even though the problem has started in his normal life will lead to alcohol abuse and he may start the journey for alcoholism. In alcohol dependence the drinker steps up from the alcohol abuse and the crave increases in spite of the biggest problem on head. We can say that alcohol dependence is alcoholism.

Q. Does anyone have ideas for ways to overcome concentration problems without depending on medications? I'm reallllllly trying hard to study for my final exams and my ADD seems to bother me every time I touch the desk. Sometimes my thoughts fly out when I only think of how much I still have to study today!!! please- help if you can... I really don't want to start with meds...

A. Omega-3 fatty acids, phosphatidylserine, zinc and magnesium may have benefits with regard to ADD symptoms. i take omega-3 fatty acids every day for the past year and it helped me go threw a ruff year of studying.

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I would say the country's national security depends upon what medicines we use for treatment and what new resistant strains appear," Prof.
Nunez, said spokesman Gabriel Sanchez, believes that avoiding tax hikes depends upon the state taking in an adequate amount of revenue - whether from new or old sources - so that the government can continue to pay for taxpayer-funded education and health care.
Our perception of the magnitude of such variance depends upon the observations made (and our ability to agree upon their accuracy) (See Kolars and Mitchell, Chap.
Since the evidence says English literacy depends upon how American deaf children are taught, not upon their native abilities, rehabilitation professionals must focus their attention on instructional techniques.
The game of musical chairs, like the real estate market, depends upon the law of supply and demand.
Timing depends upon how hard you want the box to be.
U] (undercooling temperature) depends upon the level of grain refinement achieved.
But just as Davis's odyssey toward myth and immortality depends upon the statement of his life, it also depends upon the form that statement takes, essentially the formal poetic constructions which aid in his search for voice.
Your annual payment depends upon, your age when the gift is made and can even be deferred until retirement if you're young and don't need it now," adds Anne Doyle, director of planned giving at the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).
But the advertising drive--which depends upon matching donations from media companies--will give short shrift to cigarettes and alcohol.
The exposure period and frequency depends upon the rating required.
Availability and coverage depends upon carrier and the geographic scope of international roaming agreements.