dependency needs

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dependency needs

Psychiatry Vital needs for mothering, love, affection, shelter, protection, security, food, warmth, which may indicate regression when they reappear openly in adults. See Regression.
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Q. why the renal doctor told my husband that he needs to eat a dozen of egg a week for protein,how it will help? it won`t afect his cholesterol,also i would like to know what role the protein plays on his treatment and what other foot its rich in protein that he can can take,without causing problems to his health.

A. if i understand correctly, your husband is diabetic. like my grandfather he probably developed a "Diabetic nephropathy" which is a long name to: kidney being destroyed because of blood vessels clotted by diabetes. because of that destruction the kidneys allow protein to go out in the urine. this is a dangerous situation,a protein in the name of "albomin" helps our blood to hold fluids in blood vessels. without it fluid will leave the blood and go to our organs. not a good situation. so he needs a lot of proteins.
here is a list of a 100 protein rich foods:

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We all need to be careful to avoid creating powerful dependency needs in our children.
Our results revealed that as compared to younger adolescents, the 16-year-old group tended to view close interpersonal relationships as threatening to their sense of independence and selfhood, to perceive significant others as callous and hostile, and to deny or avoid dependency needs. In this group, the developmental impact of the adolescent separation-individuation process led to a strong push for independence from parents, a desire for control of one's own life, feelings of not wanting or needing close involvement with others, and a subjective sense of rejection by important others.
'Partners are not hostages in that sense of the word, but they are hostages to the dependency needs they have.'
'Partners are not hostages in that sense of the word,buttheyarehostages to the dependency needs they have.'
At times, some of the assistant parents had evidently tried to manage the "dangerously heightened wish" to regress, and resume a "slavish dependency" on the mother, with a reactive defense, adopting an independent persona while becoming extremely attentive to the supposed dependency needs of the charge.
Director Graham Elliott said Evedale could be forced to close, making both council and non-council residents homeless if social services could not add pounds 50 to the pounds 330 a week already paid for people with high dependency needs.
Working with parents of the FVSN also could take place through the nurse or counselor, especially on dealing with vague and somatic complaints, dependency needs, and other illness behaviors.
Although many parents today push their babies and very young children to become "independent" as quickly as possible, attachment parents respect each child's own special timetable for growing out of their early (and healthy) dependency needs. Children who are allowed to enter each new developmental stage as they become ready, as opposed to when parents deem it "time" to wean, sleep through the night, or stay alone without parents, are ultimately more self-confident and independent as older children and adults.
This old belief reflects dependency and passivity, however, you can't Shift your dependency needs to an organization.
Sesha, her daughter, is a severely disabled young women who has taught her most of what she understands about dependency needs. In April 1995, she headed The Women's Committee of One Hundred, an organization of feminist women speaking out against punitive welfare reform.
He has not learned anything about true independence, which comes slowly and naturally as a result of having one's dependency needs met first, but has merely learned to pretend and to please and to make someone else's reality more important than his own.