A 6-carbon deoxy-sugar in which one OH is replaced by H.
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94 * Position of sugar groups determined on the basis of literature data; Hex: a hexose; dHex: a deoxyhexose.
In contrast, individuals in the highest tertile of a deoxyhexose sugar (e.
Interestingly, we also observed an inverse association of deoxyhexose sugars (e.
Importantly, the deoxyhexose sugar and the above sugar alcohol displayed only poor correlations with glucose and other biomarkers of T2D-risk ([r.
Other flavonoids, namely, homoorientin, orientin, isovitexin, scoparin, and taxifolin deoxyhexose, along with several unknown flavonoids, were also detected.
Pentose, hexose, deoxyhexose, and other extractable monosaccharides concentrations ([micro]Lg/g soil, [+ or -] s.
The incremental residue masses for the commonly found residues are 162 amu for a hexose (Hex), 146 amu for a deoxyhexose (deoxyHex), 203 amu for an N-acetylhexosamine (HexNAc), and 291 amu for N-acetylneuraminic acid.