A purine analogue that acts as an antimetabolite; potent inhibitor of adenosine deaminase. Used as an antineoplastic agent.
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caninum tachyzoites, as well as to assess the effects of deoxycoformycin on the activity of this enzyme.
For this test it was evaluated the action of deoxycoformycin (Pentostatin(r) - Tocris) on tachyzoites of N.
Tests with deoxycoformycin on E-ADA activity showed that this inhibitor acts on the E-ADA own of the N.
caninum was directly proportional to the largest concentration of deoxycoformycin used.
We also conclude that the deoxycoformycin tested is able to inhibit the E-ADA detected in this study in parasite, which might be an option for chemotherapy.
Influence of treatment with 3--deoxyadenosine associated deoxycoformycin on hematological parameters and activity of adenosine deaminase in infected mice with Trypanosoma evansi.
The scientists went on to investigate the effects of a cancer drug called deoxycoformycin which makes it harder for tissues to remove adenosine.
He did not respond to treatment with interferon alfa ([Alpha]-IFN), but achieved long-term remission following treatment with deoxycoformycin (Pentostatin).
The original diagnosis of HCL was made based on fulfillment of many classic clinical and morphologic criteria[26]; however, since the diagnosis was made without flow cytometry, we cannot exclude phenotypic changes related to therapy or time, although CD103 has been stable following treatment with [Alpha]-IFN or deoxycoformycin.