A purine analogue that acts as an antimetabolite; potent inhibitor of adenosine deaminase. Used as an antineoplastic agent.
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The BCSH Blood Transfusion Task Force recommends, "All granulocyte components should be irradiated before issue and transfused with minimum delay." (10) Other therapies not included in the AABB survey that have also been identified as potential causes of TA-GVHD are treatment with purine analogue drugs (fludarabine, cladribine, and deoxycoformycin) as well as alemtuzumab (an anti-CD52 agent) and ATG.
The scientists went on to investigate the effects of a cancer drug called deoxycoformycin which makes it harder for tissues to remove adenosine.
He did not respond to treatment with interferon alfa ([Alpha]-IFN), but achieved long-term remission following treatment with deoxycoformycin (Pentostatin).
The original diagnosis of HCL was made based on fulfillment of many classic clinical and morphologic criteria[26]; however, since the diagnosis was made without flow cytometry, we cannot exclude phenotypic changes related to therapy or time, although CD103 has been stable following treatment with [Alpha]-IFN or deoxycoformycin.[27]