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To remove oxygen from its chemical combination.
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Then the panels were deoxidized for 2 min in phosphoric acid-based deoxidizing solution, followed by DI water rinse and drying, and were then stacked for 24 h before being used for application.
For the purpose of improving assimilation of titanium and nitrogen, deoxidizing of the metal was performed in two stages.
Of course, no one really solders to bare copper, so this test is one of "relativity." The substrates should be equally prepared by deoxidizing them as much as possible either with chemicals or abrasion.
DEOXINATOR is a fast-acting deoxidizing solution that cleans, preserves, lubricates, and improves conductivity on all metal connectors and contacts.
DR iron is made by reducing (deoxidizing) iron ore with natural gas.
Testing conducted for new materials, such as refractory core and mold coatings, charge materials and deoxidizing compounds.
So, electroslag method, which did not find practical application in production of titanium and its alloys in airspace and military fields, is successfully used for production of ferrotitanium, because requirements to ferrotitanium, designed for deoxidizing and alloying of steel, alloys and cast iron, as wel as for production of welding materials, do not at all regulate content in it of such harmful impurities as hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen (Table 1).
Panels of the alloy measuring 12.7 x 7.6 cm were wiped with acetone and processed through alkaline cleaning, deoxidizing, and conversion coating steps according to the conditions described elsewhere.