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To remove oxygen from its chemical combination.
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Content, chemical-mineralogical composition, and dimensions of non-metal inclusions depend upon a number of the following priority factors: thermodynamic activity of used deoxidizers and their composition, temperature-time conditions of deoxidation and ladle treatment of the metal, methods of steel casting, limitation of secondary oxidation, quality of bottom-pouring refractories (high heat resistance and low erosion), weight of the ingots (duration of the metal crystallization), and geometrical dimensions of sectioned rolled stock, which effects deformability of inclusions.
The business operates aluminum smelting and deoxidizer manufacturing facilities in Painesville, Ohio and generates annual revenue of approximately US $45 million.
02% for each element), which causes the need of prolonging both oxidation and reduction periods of melting, practically complete removal of phosphorus slag prior to the refining, increase of consumption of deoxidizers, lime and fluxes, and taking other technological measures.
Low concentration of the main deoxidizers requires for increased attention to oxidation of the metal.
Formula XL[R]-550 gas-shielded flux-cored wire delivers X-ray quality welds in all positions and features added deoxidizers that cut through light rust and mill scale with minimal pre-cleaning.
By establishing necessary thermodynamic conditions in contacting phases one may regulate migration of nitrogen in the triple system gas-slag-metal [17], whereby the conditions are ensured by deoxidation of slag and the metal by strong deoxidizers as it was registered in the process of our meltings in graphite crucibles.