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To remove oxygen from its chemical combination.
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Claimed to have good arc stability, uniform copper coating and said to be suitable for robotic welding, this is a double deoxidised manganese silicon alloyed wire for GMAW using Ar/20C[O.sub.2] or C[O.sub.2] as the gas shield.
The matched interaction of the subsystems, which may include liquid steel deoxidised with different elements with the residual content, with the dissolved oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, sulphur, etc, is accompanied by the processes of ordering, formation of specific structure from 'chaos', and their transformation and increasing complexity [4].
After dephosphorisation of the steel bath and oxidation of carbon, the steel-semifinished products was deoxidised with ferrosilicium FS65, aluminium and treated in the ladle with the hard slag mixtures based on limestone and fluorspar.