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to neutralize or absorb odor.
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To use a deodorant.
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(dē-ō′dor-īz) [″ + odor, odor]
To remove odor.
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Patient discussion about deodorize

Q. Does a women wear men's deodorant can get breast cancer? I love partying. I used to go out with my boyfriend on Saturdays to dance clubs. I am crazy about the fragrance of my boyfriend’s deodorant. One day I asked him to lend his deo to me for just one party. He said that men’s deo can cause breast cancer in ladies. I am afraid of using it. But I could not overcome my feelings. I like to try it out once, only once. Is it true that women that wear men's deodorant can get breast cancer? (I love the fragrance of Old spice!)

A. naaaa! that's just an urban myth. there isn't any difference between women's or men's deodorant. neither of them should cause breast cancer... but they both contain aluminum which is generally not good for you.

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The scientists then measured the deodorizing activity of each of these fractions against the offensive odor.
"These chlorine dioxide solutions can then be diluted to appropriate use concentrations needed for bleaching, cleaning and deodorizing," a company spokesperson says.
The deodorizing chemical agent, named Ciganon, can be applied to all types of manmade fibers including polyester, nylon and acrylic and synthetic-natural blended fibers, Toray said.
who want Bongbong to ask forgiveness for the sins of his father to do the same for the role they played in deodorizing the martial law regime.
The pad can also include deodorizing agents, an impermeable layer, or a middle absorbent layer for absorbing moisture from or applying treatments to a pet.
Deodorizing the filtered oil yields refined, bleached, deodorized high-content CLA soy oil.
Hunter's Edge (; (229) 248-6228) Wash-Away Hair & Body Deodorizing Soap removes, at the molecular level, alarming odors that wild game often associate with danger while leaving hair and body moisturized and scent-free.
The RelyOn Broad Spectrum Disinfectants are effective for disinfecting, cleaning, and deodorizing hard surfaces.
Sage Products' Comfort Personal Cleansing[TM] line has extended its product line for incontinence care to include Comfort Shield [TM] with dimethicone and microfine zinc oxide, which offers one-step perineal cleansing, moisturizing, deodorizing, treatment and barrier protection.
patent for a method of removing body odors that entails priming the skin with a deodorizing composition to the axilla region of a human.